What to look forward 2017 with Gunexpert

03/02/2017 20:01

Dear fans,

within next few months we plan to introduce few quite a products:

we will make our Folding stock module Expert also from duralumin thanks to which we will be able to reduce the weight from current 530g to approximately 300g. This folding stock module will be done in cooperation with our gunsmith Zendl and will be in perfect quality. This product shall come during May / June and as soon as it will be possible, we will provide you with more details.


Again, in cooperation with gunsmith Zendl, we plan to implement new cheaper option for upper handguard from duralumin. The plan is to keep the quality as for the Quad rail Expert but to leave out the perfect mechanism that it has that allows holding zero so that we can offer it for interesting price


And last, we plan to make classic fixed stock from duralumin to achieve perfect quality and very low weight of the product. This shall come hopefully in autumn 2017.


All of that will be made in Czech republic in perfect quality as usually



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