Dural Handguard Expert Subcompact

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  • Vendor: GUNEXPERT
  • Weight: 0,355
  • Warranty (months): 24
Product no.: AD7115
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Dural handguard Expert with quad rail for subcompact models of Sa vz.58. 

Excellent processing quality from Gunexpert, designed by renown gunsmith Zendl. Very durable, made of Duralumin. Total weight 355g. 

Demounting of this handguard for cleaning of the rifle is done without any tools, only by your hand. The upper handguard holds zero after cleaning. 

Will fit vz.58 models with barrel lenght 190mm (i.e. subcompact models) and it is necessary that the front sight mount has a hole for bayonet. For installation it is necessary to remove the exceeding on gas adapter for sling swivel. Also the lower handguard guard is necessary to ba taken out. For these adjustments, we advise to visit a gunsmith to save yourself time and nerves.

Very unique solution for subcompact models handguard. Very cool and useful design, top quality materials. 

Hard elox finish

Fits subompact models in 7,62x39 as well as 5,56x45 

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