Fast loader for 9x19 or 40SW magazines

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For 9x19 LUGER and 40 S&W calibers

If your fingers are aching with the constant loading of magazines and you really want to save time, we have here for you fast loader from the American company ETS (Elite Tactical System group). According to tests, it´s the fastest loader in the world and surpasses semi-automatic mag loaders for hudred dollars. We also tested and we are very excited about the result! 30round glock magazine  was loaded in about 15 seconds! Fast loader is made of polymer, very resistant to impact and bad weather (does not brittle in frost). The advantage is that you do not need to take even individual cartridges in your hand, but simply take the whole row of feeder directly from the box - then just put the hammer and push the row into the magazine at once. Optimum is 10 rounds at a time. This widget will be appreciated especially by the PDW owners  such as CSV-9, which is really glutton ammunition. We recommend to lubricate the autoloader feeder bar from time to time (after approx. 500 rounds) to make it easier for the ammunition to slip into the magazine. Attention - does not work on magazines for 1911 gun models

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