Folding stock module GE II w/ CTR type stock - SOLD OUT!

  • Vendor: GuneXpert
  • Warranty (months): 24
Product no.: AD183
Your price: €188.00

Time proven combination of our second generation of folding stock module with the CTR type stock.

The main differences with this second generation are following:

a) weight - the weight was lowered by 200 grams from the first model

b) quality of processing - we make this second folding stock module by our gunsmith Zendl and thus we get much better quality of processing than the original one

c) material - while the first one is made of steel, this new one is made of duralumin 

Everything needed for attaching the stock to your rifle is included (except of screw driver). No gunsmith needed for installation.
The body stock is not original Magpul.


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