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Folding stock module GE I with comm-spec tube, straightening piece and sling loop.

There are many stock models available on the market, that always seem to suit some users only. So, after 7 month of projecting we developed new stock module that are height adjustable and barrel-coaxial. Our product is also much more affordable than any other metal modules on the market (compare with FAB tube module at $345 plus shipping). Additionaly, our stock modules offer several other features, not found on any other.

  1. allows to operate bolt carrier with stock folded
  2. adjustable stock height without the need of cheek rest; 16mm for straight stock
  3. allows to mount a door breacher on the tube's end - rugged steel joint will withstand it
  4. allows installation of watertight storage compartment for batteries
  5. stock can be unfolded one-handed
  6. lengthens total stock length up to 315mm
  7. highly durable steel sling loop
  8. stock is coaxial with barrel +/-
  9. allows to fully operate the rifle with stock folded

How does it shoot?

So far anyone who tried it was amazed by durability, ruggedness and tightness of the folding joint. Joint is made of hi-quality steel, it's weight moves the rifle's ballance closer to your body. Doesn't exceed the height of the receiver and dust cover, resulting in a well-looking set.




Tech specs...

Joint is made of steel, tube is high-grade alluminum, hard anodized. Sling loop made of steel 3-4mm thick, 150-200kg weight tested. Comes without stock body, as most of you probably own some already - if not, you can choose from our wide selection. Comm-spec stock compatible, which allows to choose from CAA, FAB and many more. Joint adds 26m to the total length - with tube and buttstock attached, stock will reach 316-320mm at full extension. Separate joint without tube will only be sold to customers who already bought a fixed or folding tube from us (with or without the buttstock). 

We also prepair left-side folding joint; by now only right-side version is available. 

Before releasing this product, it has been field-tested by members of police special forces, soldiers on mission abroad and shooters among our friends. 

Following crucial modern upgrade parts such as Expert rail system, now comes a stock module that meets all requirements you suggested over the last couple years.

And how does it look with stock ideally set to see the iron sights?

What does the set include?

  • 1 straightening steel piece with steel sling loop
  • 1 steel folding joint
  • 1 comm-spec stock tube
  • 1 screw for attaching tube to the joint
  • 1 combined right-left threaded screw for attaching to the receiver

Made in Czechoslovakia

Very high quality, for military using



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