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Modified disconnector for CZ858 /VZ.58. This new part has been developed to deal with the reliability problems caused by converting the VZ.58 rifle to semi-auto only, such as CZ858, Hermex or FSN. This new disconnector elliminates both the common converting flaw (also known as "the hermex effect") and the second most often problem which is not-releasing of the striker catch during trigger squeeze.

Made in Czechoslovakia


What is the hermex effect?

It happens when the striker is not caught by the left striker catch when gun is charged manually or during the cycle. It's caused by a flaw in converting the rifle to semi-auto, when the right striker catch is removed. The effect is, that even though you charged the rifle, the striker remains in forward position and it's spring is not being compressed. This results in squeezing the trigger without any effect. Sometimes you can find a slight striker mark on the primer, but that's just caused by the forward movement of the bolt carrier itself, without the striker actually hitting it by force.


How to install?

All it takes is to disassemble the trigger group, push out the disconnector pin, replace the disconnector with the modified one and put the pin back. We shall bring a manual, soon.

Very high quality

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