Bolt carrier - left side charging handle

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New on the market, professionals will really appreciate this product. This modification is quite a piece of gunsmith work. The charging handle is carefully seated and pinned to the left side, resulting in a highly durable connection. Very nice matte black finish (differs from the very original grey finish). The finish is professionally done at the CZ arms factory.

This is the only left-side charging handle that won't fly away after couple shots. Bolt carriers are new unissued parts. We recommend to use this modification with other right-hand upgrades, such as bolt release and/or TZ ambidextrous mag release.

Among all modified bolt carriers, this is the only one type-tested by Army's testing facility VTÚVM Slavičín. Made by gunsmith Antonín Zendl exclusively for guneXpert.

Made in Czechoslovakia

Very high quality, for military using


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