Separate stock body CBS 16

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  • Vendor: CAA
  • Weight: 0,36
  • Warranty (months): 24
Product no.: AD4220
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Separate stock body w/o the tube by renowned izraelian CAA company. Provides a storage compartment for 4 batteries for your tactical flashlight. Rail can be used to attach an adjustable cheek rest (ordered separately); stock can be customized for left and right handed user. Comm-spec type.

Pressing the locking lever allows to collapse the stock; by pulling the lever you can remove the whole stock body off the tube. We ran this stock through tough and expensive testing and we assure you it's a good choice. This model was used on modernized VZ.58-M for both Czech and Slovak army. Picture below shows the stock with attached cheek rest. The storage compartment's opening is on the left side (for right-handed users), if you're left-handed we can switch it to the other side for you. The opening is operated by off-hand.

Total length (from receiver to the buttpad) is 192 mm in fully collapsed position and 295 mm when max extended.

Comes without the tube!

Product has been type-tested by VTÚVM Slavičín


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