Competition SA/DA hammer for CZ 75 type pistols

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This grooved hammer fits following models:

  • CZ 75
  • CZ 85
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow
  • CZ Shadow 2
  • CZ 75 Tactical Sports
  • CZ 97

The wide tuned hammer for the pistol CZ 75 with the standard double action system. It is necessary to widen the groove in the breech at the spot, where the hammer hits the firing pin at pistols CZ 75 SP – 01, CZ 75, CZ 85, CZ 97 with blocking of the firing pin. Due to the lower depth of the cog it is necessary also to adjust the safety so that it works (the catch of the hammer to be adjusted).

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Fotogalerie: Tuned hammer for CZ 75 SA/DA type pistols

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