Upper handguard D-Force mono-rail MOD.2

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  • Vendor: DF
  • Weight: 0,162
  • Warranty (months): 24
Product no.: AD6519
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This upper handguard has a solid side line right at the body of a rifle and thanks to that it holds well the setting of sighting devices.

The upper rail fits the STANAG 4694 norm and is fully compatible with most of the produced lower handguard.

The width of this upper handguard is 36mm, i.e. the same as Sa vz.58.

Integrated holes are very good and fast for cooling of the barrel and conducting combustion products. 

Very nicely priced version of upper handguard.

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Mounting notification:

We would like to point out that because of sligth differences among vz58s it may in some cases be needed to adjust the "seating area" of this product.... you simply take a file and slightly grind off lightly the front of it for the required length. And bearing in mind that this side is not visible anyway, it will not anyhow visibly damage your product.


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