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We constructed our forearm with maximal level of compatibillity with aftermarket accessories for MIL-STD 1913, operator's comfort, easy installation with no further modifications needed, well holding zero of attached optics and usability of iron sights. Our product is machined of high-strength alluminum alloy with several steel parts. Hard anodized black finish. Lower handguard offers three and upper handguard one MIL-STD 1913 rail. Side rails on lower handguard are shortened, to allow for easy access to the charging handle, while providing comfortable grip. Because of the construction and material used, heat is quickly led away and fast barrel cooling is achieved. Attached to the barrel with bolt-on sockets.

This construction brings following advantages:

  1. Ensures alighment with the barrel
  2. Minimal dependence on rifle's dimensions and their tolerance
  3. Provides solid attachment to the rifle with no play, but at the same time with no unwanted tension that could deform the barrel.
  4. Minimizes barrel deformation by material's heat expansion while shooting.

Upper handguard is fitted into the lower part and even if you disassemble the rifle for cleaning, when reassembled it retains the exact position and thus any optic mounted on it will hold zero. Field stripping the handguard is very simple - just by pushing the spring latch and removing the upper part. No tools needed. Army's testing facility VTÚM Slavičín in it's report considers this unique design the best one they've ever encountered.

This product has been successfuly type-tested at VTÚVM Slavičín. For guneXpert made by gunsmith Antonín  Zendl.>

System Expert is compatible with SA VZ.58 Sporter rifle in 5,56x45 mm. Ideally suited for use with open red dot sights EOtech or Meopta.

System Expert has the same height as our railed receiver cover, creating a functional platform for any optic system.

Made in Czechoslovakia

Very high quality, for military using



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